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13 Feb 2019

Tree Pruning: When should you do it?

Some of you may be wondering, “What exactly is tree pruning, and why does it matter to me?” Tree pruning is typically the removal of dead, diseased, or weak branches. The benefits of this process are threefold: it promotes and sustains healthy growth, prevents damage to property or injury to individuals, and improves curb appeal. Removing unnecessary limbs can eradicate infestation or disease, as well as provide more light and airflow for better growth. In some cases, trees do not grow properly, interfering with their environment (e.g., power lines and building clearance), and must be corrected.
Tree Pruning: When should you do it?
4 Reasons to Avoid “Cut-rate” Tree Services
3 Mar 2018

4 Reasons to Avoid “Cut-rate” Tree Services

As the old saying goes, “You get what you paid for”. That is certainly true in the tree service industry. Unfortunately, there are countless “cut-rate” tree services out there that might literally be just a guy, a pickup, and a chainsaw. No accreditation. No safety protocol. Just a cheap price tag and a lot of headaches. Here are four reasons you shouldn’t cut corners when choosing a tree service: Our Certified Arborists Have the Expertise Unlike cheap services you might find, we have a Certified ISA Arborist on every work site. They will help you plan out the work that needs to be done and offer recommendations. With their knowledge and expertise, they can also diagnose any sorts of pests or disease that…