Emergency Tree Service 

When bad weather strikes, we’ve got you covered. Our crews are highly trained to handle all types of emergency tree removal. After storm damage, it’s important to use someone you can trust. Woodie’s highly trained professionals will quickly and safely remove any fallen trees.

Restorative Pruning

We understand your primary goal after a storm is to restore harmony to your property. We don’t just take down damaged trees; we do our best to restore them. Through restorative pruning, many times we can repair a tree and erase much of the storm damage.

Prompt, Reliable Service

We pride ourselves on being your partner from beginning to end. We use a triage system to identify the most urgent safety concerns and take action on those immediately. This way we can ensure safe conditions for your property as soon as possible and prevent further damage. We maintain compliance with all Virginia Department of Emergency Management & FEMA requirements.