Stump Grinding

If stumps are left behind after tree removal, they can cause a variety of problems. Lawn care can become a hassle. You could try to let them decay, but this can take several years, and the roots can continue to form new growth. Stumps can also detract from the curb appeal and value of your property.

Our ISA certified arborist finds out your exact goals and offers solutions. This is, of course, free of charge.
Based on our vist, we put together a strategy that takes into account your property layout, nearby trees, and potential risk factors.
Our highly trained team arrives at your home and gets to work! After the job is complete, we clean up and leave as little trace as possible.

Our Process

Stump grinding and removal is your best bet. Using state-of-the-art machinery, we grind stumps down to the root. This process mixes the surrounding dirt and wood chips together, creating a mulch that can be repurposed for landscaping and gardens.


During the process, safety is paramount. We maintain the highest customer safety ratings in the industry, as well as OSHA and ANSI standards.